Calvary Homes Renovations


Great news!

Recently we achieved completion and approvals for the west wing of health care. Residents from the first floor east wing will move to the west wing the week of March 4th. This allows renovation work to proceed on the first floor east wing and the team base area of the first floor. The framing for the administrative addition has now reached the roof trusses. Once the roof is installed, work will be able to continue uninterrupted allowing a completion of the administrative addition and Crichton Chapel in mid-September 2019! The new emergency generator and related electrical equipment are now installed and functional. Work has also begun on the new gift shop across the corridor from the Grandview Café.





These are the latest updates on campus changes that may affect our visitors!

Persons coming to tour the community, who have not made an appointment, should go to the Main Entrance instead of directly to the Marketing Office.

Please do not enter any construction area within the temporary fencing or within any caution taped areas.


Revisit this page frequently for updates affecting visitors to campus.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Caring and Preparing for Today and Tomorrow capital campaign to support the renovations.