How Calvary Homes is Tending to the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults

Older women with hands in prayer on an open BibleAt Calvary Homes, we are committed to providing an enriched community environment for older adults. Our faith-based approach to care allows us to serve our residents in a manner that glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ. We tend to the spiritual needs of older adults through our programs and community activities.

By definition, the term “spiritual needs” may mean something different to everyone. By general definition, spirituality is the connection between humans and something bigger than themselves. At Calvary Homes, our spiritual connection is with the Lord, and our goal is to present opportunities for our residents to connect with Him.

Continue reading to learn more about why we think it is essential to provide activities that tend to the spiritual needs of our residents.

What Are the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults?

We consider all of our residents and their guests as family, so we work hard to provide them with spiritual activities like prayer, worship services, morning devotions, hymnal songs, bible studies, and fellowships. Some essential spiritual needs we try to meet at Calvary Homes are:

  • Support – As we age, we need to know that we still have the support to participate in the community in any way we can. At Calvary Homes, we provide many opportunities to support and enrich the lives of our residents.
  • Purpose – Many older adults feel as though they lose meaning in life as they get older. Therefore, we work with our residents to help them develop a sense of purpose.
  • Continued Spiritual Connection – Many of our activities center around faith and developing a stronger spiritual connection with our Lord.
  • Self-Worth – Along with purpose, we try to encourage increasing the self-worth our residents feel. We want them to feel as though they are a part of our family and worthy of God’s love.

While these are not the only spiritual needs of older adults, these represent the fundamental needs we focus on through our faith-based approach.

Why Are Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults Important?

The Bible says to take care of our elders, and that includes spiritual care. For older adults, missing spiritual routines, like prayer and community involvement, can lead to mental and physical health deterioration. We believe strongly in making sure our residents have access to programs and activities that will promote a healthy lifestyle—including mental, physical, and spiritual care.

Ritual and Prayer Helps Memory

As we age, our memory may begin to fail. Especially if you or a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, memory failure in some form is almost guaranteed. Ritual and prayer can help bring a sense of calm and familiarity, even for residents and patients who have trouble with everyday activities.

Continued Community and Belonging in New Surroundings

Moving out of a long-time home may be stressful for older adults. However, moving into a welcoming and faith-based retirement community can lessen that stress. An immediate sense of belonging and the ability to participate in community activities will keep older adults active and more comfortable.

Activity and Engagement is Great for Physical Health

Resident activities and encouraged engagement keep seniors moving, which promotes a healthier lifestyle. Staying active as we age is crucial to not only our physical health but our mental health as well. At Calvary Homes, we offer many trips and activities that aim to keep our residents physically active.

Life Satisfaction in Serving Christ

Serving Christ is one of our primary goals at Calvary Homes. We create opportunities for our residents to serve Christ through worship, prayer, and community activities. Our Christian fellowship, values, and principles help guide our retirement community and bring great satisfaction to those who live and work here.

How Does Calvary Homes Meet These Spiritual Needs?

Through all of our activities, community programs, and spiritual programs, we help to meet the spiritual needs of older adults. As a faith-based retirement community, we present five advantages over other retirement communities in the Lancaster, Pa. area.

  • Shared Values
  • Solace and Support in a Time of Transition and Uncertainty
  • Opportunities to Get Involved
  • A Sense of Community and Belonging
  • All-Inclusive Atmosphere

Make Calvary Homes Your Retirement Community Today

Whether you’re looking for a faith-based retirement community for yourself or a loved one, Calvary Homes in Lancaster, Pa. is an excellent choice. We care about the physical, mental, and spiritual care of our residents. We offer affordable solutions to retirement living and care. Our faith-based approach to care enables us to enrich the lives of our residents in a manner that glorifies Christ.