Healthy Eating for Seniors

Eating healthy is important at any age, but as we get older, it becomes even more essential to nourish our bodies properly. According to the National Council on Aging, “Giving your body the right nutrients and maintaining a healthy weight can help you stay active and independent.” (more…)


5 Advantages of Faith-Based Retirement Communities

Finding the right retirement community is one of the most important decisions many seniors face as they age. There are so many factors to consider that the choice can feel overwhelming. But beyond location, levels of care, and amenities, many seniors and their families are also adding faith to their list of criteria for finding the best place to spend their retirement.

As a result, the number of faith-based, continuing care communities has grown in recent years and that number is expected to increase in the next few years as more and more Baby Boomers retire. According to Chicago-based investment bank, Ziegler, 80 percent of continuing care retirement communities are owned and operated by non-profit organizations. Of those organizations, about 75% are run by faith-based organizations that include Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian religions. (more…)