What Kinds of Care Do We Offer at Our CCRC in Lancaster, PA?

A health aide pushes a senior man in a wheelchair as other seniors chat in the background.

Your years in the workforce are ending, and your well-deserved retirement is on the horizon. The excitement is building, but with that comes a slight hesitation. What will your life be like after you don’t have work each day? Do you live somewhere you can relax, or are you in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life and feel like you want to live somewhere else?

Location concerns aside, you may also be thinking about your health and what you’ll need in terms of healthcare as you continue to enjoy your later years. If you’ve had health issues in the past, you might already have issues with your mobility or other aspects of your wellbeing. However, even if you’ve always been very healthy, it’s not unusual for your wellness to decline as you age. That’s why continuing care retirement communities, or CCRC in Lancaster, PA, are an excellent option for you!

At Calvary Homes, our community is full of people like you who enjoy their golden years with others who are similar in age and share common interests. The gorgeous landscape of Lancaster County is just one of the benefits you’ll enjoy during your time with us.

You will discover we encourage your physical, mental, and spiritual health and fulfillment through our community, resident activities, and attentive staff. We are one of the all-inclusive retirement communities with living options for many types of healthcare needs as well, ensuring you get the care you need when you need it.

1. Independent Living

When you want the convenience of your favorite amenities, access to world-class medical facilities, and the independence you crave in a community-focused environment, you want an independent living option, commonly found in continuing care retirement communities like ours. This style of living will likely suit you best if you’re still active in the community and in good enough health to care for yourself and your daily needs.

For those with little need for healthcare assistance, independent living is the most hands-off of our levels of care. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t part of the community! We will still get to know you, and as you bond with your neighbors, you will form lasting, meaningful friendships to fill your free time with joy.

Our independent living community is limited to those 62 and older, so you will always find yourself surrounded by people in your age group that are likely enjoying the same things you are, too. These commonalities open the door for meaningful relationships to blossom!

2. Personal Care

You may benefit from the perks of a personal care living facility if you need some help with your day-to-day activities but can mostly function without assistance. Our small, relaxed household settings make it easy for you to transition into this new stage in life, especially if you’ve never needed help before. We encourage our residents to be as independent as possible and offer services such as memory care at our Garden View memory loss care unit to ensure you receive the care you need.

Personal care and assisted living are terms you might hear interchangeably, but Pennsylvania defines them as two different types of care. In the past, there were no clear distinctions between the two. However, Pennsylvania has since established laws for each variety of these facilities. While our personal care facility offers many of the same benefits you might find at an assisted living facility, we are not licensed for assisted living.

3. Nursing-Level Care

Nursing-level care may be the right option for those with long-term care needs or people who require more assistance to perform their daily tasks. Gone are the nursing homes your grandparents worried about living in because of their less-than-ideal reputations. Now, skilled nursing facilities are much friendlier and more patient-centered than in the past, making them a much more welcoming and inviting place to live.

If you reach a point where you require more hands-on medical attention and care, our skilled nursing care residential option at our CCRC in Lancaster, PA, can provide that dedication to you. Our additional support and services are performed as true to our Christian values as possible, meaning we will help you in any way we can while encouraging you to remain as independent as possible.

Plus, our skilled nursing facility is fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services, and we have a reputation for outstanding, high-quality care.

Want to Speak to Calvary Homes About Our Levels of Care at Our CCRC in Lancaster, PA?

Retirement is one of the most joyful parts of a person’s life when you finally get to unwind and relax after years of hard work. However, as with all stages in life, there are aspects of becoming an older adult that may require help from external sources.

Your health and mobility needs may change over time, which makes a continuing care retirement community the best fit, as you won’t have to move several times to accommodate your health needs as they change. It’s essential to think about your own comfort and convenience as you weigh your retirement living options. That’s why Calvary Homes is an excellent option for your retirement and potential health needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way if and when you need to transition from independent living to more dedicated care-based living. Trust Calvary Homes, one of the best CCRC in Lancaster, PA, with your care!