Do You Need a Memory Care Center in Lancaster, PA? This Guide Can Help You Choose

An image of two women, one a patient and one a caregiver, walking together and smiling.

Age is a gift, and experiencing all the things that come along with getting older can be a joy. However, there are some challenging aspects to aging that you or a loved one might experience that require specialized attention. If memory loss is a concern for yourself or someone you care about, it might be time to consider a memory care center in Lancaster, PA.

At Calvary Homes, we have worked with residents in all stages of life, from those who are entirely independent to those who need more help and supervision in their day-to-day lives. Memory care is a delicate task that only the most skilled, compassionate team can address adequately, and our Garden View unit is equipped to do that and more.

Choosing a memory care center is about more than staff and the location; it’s about the person who receives the care. Read on to learn more about memory care and what you should look for in a memory care center.

What Are the Benefits of Memory Care?

When memory care planning for someone you love, you might feel hesitant. After all, aren’t your loved ones better off in a familiar environment with people they know and love? While this may be difficult to accept, memory issues can progress and make it hard for the person suffering from this ailment to continue living safely in their home. They may injure themselves, forget what they are doing and leave a stove on, or even forget to bathe or eat for days at a time.

The benefits of memory care extend past the resident receiving them. Not only are they fully supervised and cared for with all their needs addressed, but their family members also experience benefits. It’s a relief to know that your loved one is receiving the specialized care they need when they need it. Memory care helps residents live to the fullest, most independent extent possible. This type of living is not always the case when a person with memory issues remains at home long past the point where they can care for themselves.

Why Can’t My Loved One Stay at A Retirement Home Instead?

Many regular retirement homes are ill-equipped to care for people with dementia or other memory issues, instead choosing to house people with less intense health needs. Memory care requires special training, and some retirement homes don’t have the capacity for those levels of care.

Don’t choose a regular retirement home for your loved ones, especially if they will need more advanced healthcare over time. Instead, choose a continuing care retirement community like Calvary Homes, with a memory care center in Lancaster, PA, with the staff and resources to care for your loved one’s needs.

What’s Important When Choosing Memory Care?

When choosing a new place to live that takes memory care concerns seriously, it’s essential to be thorough in your search and find a location that honors and respects this challenge. There are several factors to consider when you are visiting a memory care center in Lancaster, PA, hoping to find one to serve your needs or the needs of a loved one.

It is best to consider memory care before the person gets to a point where it may be challenging to help them transition into their new home. Allowing someone to adjust to their new home in a memory care center will ensure they feel cared for, comfortable, and safe during their stay.

Talk to the staff

When selecting a memory care center, speaking with the staff is one of the easiest ways to get a feel for the environment. Are the staff members courteous, respectful, and kind? Do they interact with the residents in a friendly way? These people will provide long-term care for your family members or other loved ones, so you want to ensure they are caring, competent people.

Ask questions about the staff-to-patient ratio and determine how many staff members are available at any given time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their memory care training and what they are doing to ensure the safety of the residents, especially in cases of advanced memory needs. They should be able to anticipate issues before they occur so your loved one is safe and sound at all times.

Inquire about planned activities

Meaningful activities are vital in memory care. Suppose you seek help for memory issues like dementia care in Lancaster, PA. In that case, choosing a location that provides enriching daily activities is crucial to encourage the appropriate amount of mental stimulation.

Some patients with memory issues or needing dementia care in Lancaster, PA, are soothed by our location’s beautiful, safe, secure garden area. At Garden View, our residents enjoy activities like arts and crafts, gardening, or strolls around the campus to encourage mental engagement.

Ensure your loved one will have a place to relax

Confusion, sensory overload, and upset are all common aspects of living with memory issues. Because of these symptoms, it is vital that the memory care center you choose is calming, relaxed, and offers peaceful spaces, as not to inundate the senses with stimuli.

For many, their spiritual health and connection with their faith are essential to maintaining peace in their hearts and minds. Calvary Homes has a full time chaplain and a chapel where many residents enjoy worship services to help them feel grounded and present in their faith.

Why Choose Garden View Memory Support?

At Calvary Homes, we offer several levels of care for our residents, including comprehensive memory care in our Garden View memory care unit. Comprised of eight private resident rooms, Garden View offers residents shared access to communal areas and daily activities.

Our staff encourages residents to remain as independent as possible while also ensuring they receive the care they need, including supervision for daily activities that may have become a challenge in their daily lives. When you are looking for a comprehensive memory care center in Lancaster, PA, look no further than Calvary Homes! Get in touch with us today to learn more.