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Do You Need a Memory Care Center in Lancaster, PA? This Guide Can Help You Choose

An image of two women, one a patient and one a caregiver, walking together and smiling.

Age is a gift, and experiencing all the things that come along with getting older can be a joy. However, there are some challenging aspects to aging that you or a loved one might experience that require specialized attention. If memory loss is a concern for yourself or someone you care about, it might be time to consider a memory care center in Lancaster, PA.

At Calvary Homes, we have worked with residents in all stages of life, from those who are entirely independent to those who need more help and supervision in their day-to-day lives. Memory care is a delicate task that only the most skilled, compassionate team can address adequately, and our Garden View unit is equipped to do that and more.

Choosing a memory care center is about more than staff and the location; it’s about the person who receives the care. Read on to learn more about memory care and what you should look for in a memory care center.


What Kinds of Care Do We Offer at Our CCRC in Lancaster, PA?

A health aide pushes a senior man in a wheelchair as other seniors chat in the background.

Your years in the workforce are ending, and your well-deserved retirement is on the horizon. The excitement is building, but with that comes a slight hesitation. What will your life be like after you don’t have work each day? Do you live somewhere you can relax, or are you in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life and feel like you want to live somewhere else?

Location concerns aside, you may also be thinking about your health and what you’ll need in terms of healthcare as you continue to enjoy your later years. If you’ve had health issues in the past, you might already have issues with your mobility or other aspects of your wellbeing. However, even if you’ve always been very healthy, it’s not unusual for your wellness to decline as you age. That’s why continuing care retirement communities, or CCRC in Lancaster, PA, are an excellent option for you!

At Calvary Homes, our community is full of people like you who enjoy their golden years with others who are similar in age and share common interests. The gorgeous landscape of Lancaster County is just one of the benefits you’ll enjoy during your time with us.

You will discover we encourage your physical, mental, and spiritual health and fulfillment through our community, resident activities, and attentive staff. We are one of the all-inclusive retirement communities with living options for many types of healthcare needs as well, ensuring you get the care you need when you need it.


How Can Retirement Community Amenities Make or Break Your Experience?

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Retirement is a joyous part of life, and you can fill this newly relaxing period with everything from global adventures to more leisurely activities like reading on your porch. What you choose to do with your time is entirely up to you! But when you decide it’s time to move to a new location for your retirement, it’s always important to scope out the site’s amenities before choosing it for a long-term stay.

When you move to a community of other retirees, the available retirement community amenities can impact your day-to-day life. You deserve a positive experience in your new living situation, so having amenities that suit your needs and interests can mean the difference between loving where you live and just tolerating it.

At Calvary Homes, we know how important it is for our residents to feel at home, so we offer many amenities they are familiar with and some that add even more relaxation to their lives. When choosing where you want to live for retirement, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine what kind of community you will fit into best.


How Can I Talk to My Elderly Parents About Senior Living Options?

A woman talks to her elderly mother about senior living options, and they are both smiling.

Growing older and available senior living options can be uncomfortable subjects to talk about, especially when your elderly parents are resistant to the idea of needing more help with their daily tasks as they age. But having these conversations while your parents are still healthy and able to talk about it can help ease them into a mindset where they feel comfortable thinking about their living options.

Calvary Homes is a senior living community that wants to welcome your family members into our care with grace and respect whenever they are ready. We understand how moving can be overwhelming for some older people, and we want to ensure that this transition is seamless for you and your loved ones. By talking about their options now, you can help your elderly parents prepare for their life in a senior living community like ours, where they will get the care and attention they deserve.


5 Big Tips for Staying Active in Retirement

Senior couple taking a walk with their dog in the woods

A little while ago, we published a post here on the blog that introduced some of the fantastic activities that we enjoy as a community right here on our all-inclusive Calvary Homes campus in Lancaster, PA. Whether you enjoy exercising, arts and crafts, music and concerts, or Bible studies with friends, you will have ample opportunity to pursue your passions every day at Calvary Homes.

But what if you need a little help filling your time and keeping active once you’ve retired? It’s true that retirement presents a change of pace that not all individuals are ready for—even if they think they will be. Today, many seniors find the extensive free time suddenly available to them in retirement can be challenging to fill with meaningful or productive activities.

You’ve earned this time, and you should spend it how you want instead of having others constantly dictating your schedule. But how?

Today’s blog post offers a few ideas for the newly retired—or their loved ones looking out for them—on how to make sure the transition from “the daily grind” to “the golden years” is a happy one.


Encouraging Faith in Retirement: How Calvary Homes Tends to the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults

An adult’s praying hands on an open Bible

At Calvary Homes, we are committed to providing an enriched community environment centered around Christian senior services that help older adults continue to embrace their faith in retirement. Our faith-based approach to care allows us to serve our residents in a manner that glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ, and we tend to the spiritual needs of older adults through our programs and community activities.

By definition, the term “spiritual needs” may mean something different to everyone, as does the term “faith.” Similarly, spirituality—the connection between humans and something bigger than themselves—may also be up for interpretation. But one thing is sure—people have spiritual needs and benefit significantly from having a strong faith throughout their lives. At Calvary Homes, our spiritual connection is with the Lord, and our goal is to present opportunities for our residents to connect with Him based on our Christian faith.

Today’s blog post shows just some of the ways that actively practicing one’s faith in retirement can lead to joy and peace in the later seasons of life.


5 Big Advantages of Faith-Based Retirement Communities

Senior woman praying in front of a background of green leaves

Finding the right retirement community is one of the most important decisions many seniors face today. There are so many factors to consider—including what the social support structure and senior care options available at a given community are like—that the choice can feel overwhelming.

However, beyond a great location, comprehensive levels of care, and desirable amenities, many seniors and their families are also adding abundant faith and fellowship opportunities to their list of criteria for finding the best place to spend retirement. And, they have a lot of options when it comes to faith-based retirement communities that fit their spiritual needs.

Statistics compiled in 2014 showed that about 81% of continuing care retirement communities are owned and operated by non-profit organizations. Of those non-profit communities, about 75% were affiliated with faith-based organizations, which included several Christian denominations and many with non-denominational values, as well. These numbers were projected to grow steadily as demand has increased.

Here at Calvary Homes, we are proud to be among the growing ranks of faith-based retirement communities, as we believe an approach to retirement living and senior care that glorifies God truly enriches lives.


Understanding the Differences Between Assisted Living and Personal Care Facilities

Retired couple chatting with caregiver at their personal care homeWhen considering retirement living options, seniors have more choices in types of facilities today than ever before. Of the many choices—and the two that frequently get confused—are assisted living and personal care. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are actually different.

In this post, we want to go over the differences between assisted living and personal care facilities to clear up some of the confusion. (more…)

Is Worry-Free Senior Living Still Possible in These Unprecedented Times?

Woman in front of laptop wondering if worry-free senior living is still possibleIt’s true that we are currently living in unprecedented times. As the world is working to combat the COVID-19 virus pandemic, which has disproportionately affected older adults, we’ve begun wondering if a worry-free senior living experience is still possible. After all, continuing care retirement communities like ours here at Calvary Homes have long promoted a carefree lifestyle for retirees living on their campuses.

In short, there are many reasons why the answer to this question is absolutely “yes.” However, worry-free senior living is perhaps something we have to work a little harder to maintain now. That means making an intentional effort to take care of our mental, physical, and spiritual needs to keep stress levels down.

Luckily, keeping stress in check remains easier to accomplish in a caring retirement community setting. Today’s blog post gives you a little insight into why keeping your plan of moving to a high-quality and faith-centered retirement community like Calvary Homes is a good idea, even as the world faces significant challenges. (more…)

About Pet Therapy for Older Adults and the Best Dogs for Seniors

Older adult hanging outside with his dogFor many seniors, one of the biggest challenges at home or in a retirement community is keeping active both physically and mentally. At Calvary Homes, we understand just how important it is for seniors to stay active through social interactions and faith-based community events. And, having a pet or participating in pet therapy for older adults is an excellent way for seniors to stay active and be a part of their community! (more…)